12509174_1285497831475601_5526463135041329575_nIMWS has sent £6500 to help provide warm clothing to the people of Gaza who remained trapped in what is the world’s largest prison.

Gaza today remains much of the same ruins we saw on circulating pictures during the summer of 2014. Its rubble streets mean many schools have been operating without a roof or even walls. Families seen living and eating on the rubble of what once used to be a home have graced our smart phone screens.

Years of conflict has left around 80 per cent of the population dependent on international assistance according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Over 1.2 million have registered as refugees with UNHCR.

Now, the 1.8million people in Gaza are facing the harshness of winter with the thought of survival not just for themselves but for their children racing through their worried minds.

IMWS works directly with the charity Palestine Welfare House which is based in Gaza to provide aid to those in need. The appeal is open throughout the year and donations can be made directly at the Al-Hikmah Centre during normal working hours.

Gaza heading to a winter crisis
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