IMWS – Indian Muslim Welfare Society


Around 1957 a Muslim had died in an accident on Hick Lane. This is when the problem of burials first came about: how do we bury the body?

The body was given ghusl on a plank of wood in a cellar and buried in the cemetery. The council was then approached for a separate section for Muslims, and 30 spaces in Batley cemetery was given. It was this issue of burials that prompted the Muslims of the time to found the Yorkshire Muslim Association in 1957.

Fast forward to today and thanks to the dedication and hard work of our dedicated burial committee, Kirklees Council has allocated a plot of land for Muslim burial in Batley cemetery which is adjacent to the current plot.

In the New Year, it is envisaged an additional 400 burial plots for our community will be made available.

Our members wish for their loved ones to be buried in Batley. It is envisaged that the increase of burial plots will give them that assurance.