IMWS – Indian Muslim Welfare Society


The IMWS women’s committee is made up of women from the local community who share a passion in addressing, promoting and improving the health, social, educational and religious needs of women in the Batley and surrounding areas.

We have been listening  to the needs of the community and successfully organised and delivered educational courses, workshops and activities to help address these inequalities and improve outcomes in their welfare.

During the pandemic, our volunteers organised a project to help combat period poverty and successfully delivered the Feminine Hygiene Project. Our aim was to deliver free packs consisting of sanitary products as well as toiletries, to help local people in the community struggling with the pandemic. This has been a great and much needed initiative, which has helped over 600 women and young girls in the Batley and Dewsbury areas.

We are currently planning new workshops and activities with a focus on promoting improved health and well being, parenting skills and Islamic education, once restrictions are lifted.

However we need you to tell us what you want for future projects. Please take our survey and share your views.

If there are any other issues you would like the women’s committee to address or would like to join the group please contact us on:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @imws_women

Facebook: imws womenscomm.

Get in touch to let us know.  Together we can succeed.