FIELD LANE School in Batley invited IMWS Charity Officer Munir Daji to give a presentation on the subject of charity. The year five class have been working on a charity project, looking at various different charities and what they do. Islamic Relief’s North Fundraising Manager, Ateeq Salik, joined Munir Daji in giving the presentation, who spoke on the kinds of disaster, emergency and hunger alleviation projects Islamic Relief delivers across the globe, as well as talking about the importance of giving charity. The kids “loved the presentation”, said Munir and enthusiastically asked “lots of questions” during the Q&A that followed. After, a young boy offered two pounds from his pocket, and another young girl gave 50p for charity, reminiscent of how Islamic Relief began over 30 years ago, with one boy giving the charity its first ever donation of 20p.

Field Lane School Invites IMWS for Charity Presentation