The Al-Hikmah Nikah Service (AHNS), a Muslim matchmaking service designed to find a spouse for Muslim men and women, has now launched an online snap-shot of clients on its web page. The aim is to further the service and make it possible for single people to find a marriage partner.

Marriage is a sunnah that has great significance in the life of a Muslim, but in today’s age finding a partner is no easy task.

As a result, AHNS was set up two years ago to help fulfil this important aspect of Islam. Launched by the IMWS it seeks to provide a quality service in finding a suitable partner, welcoming applications from single, divorced or widowed people, aged over 18.

Under the guidance of Mufti Zakariya Akudi, the service operates within both UK and Islamic law,

A snapshot of profiles for prospective partners is now available to view on the IMWS website, containing brief details such as age and occupation. Clients will remain anonymous to the viewers with only a reference number used as an identity.

The service has always insisted in operating under strict confidentiality and will maintain this with the introduction of the online snap-shots.

If after viewing a profile you think you may have found your Mr or Mrs, then register your interest by calling the AHNS administrator on 07440443812 or email [email protected]

More information about AHNS can be found on the IMWS website.

Al-Hikmah Nikah Service snap-shots go live!
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