UnknownSocial media has become a hotbed of rapidly sharing posts without any investigation into whether what is being shared is factual or not. Sadly, the victims of this modern day ‘quick draw’ includes the Indian Muslim Welfare Society who last month saw another false rumour being circulated. The posts being shared mostly via WhatsApp groups said that the word ‘Muslim’ was to be removed from the Society’s name. Of course, there was no truth to this.

“It’s absurd. I think some troublemakers have circulated this false rumour to satisfy their own egos,” Chair of IMWS, Mohamed Mulla, said. “We can give an unequivocal guarantee that the management committee have no plan to change the name “Indian Muslim Welfare Society” to anything else.” He added.

Social media platforms have made this type of mischief much easier. But the fuel of the fire is that some members of the public are falling for the lies.

What is being asked from the public, whether a post is related to IMWS or someone else, is to take a few factors into consideration prior to circulating such messages.

Firstly, is there a recognisable name on the post? Most false rumours circulate without any name and if there is a name then please contact that individual and verify that they are aware of this message.

Secondly, ask the organisation directly. In the case of the IMWS you can contact the main office on 01924 500555, email: [email protected] or email the chair directly on [email protected]

The one thing not to do is blindly start circulating. In a time when Muslims are under-fire from all sides the community needs to unite and help one another rather than create division.

Mohamed Mulla added, “Members are urged to attend the AGM which is the appropriate forum for sharing any concerns or issues.”


Don’t fall for malicious whispers
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