IMG_8738A local graduate has launched a book appeal following his stint as a volunteer teacher on the island of Zanzibar.

Jameel Chopdat from Batley went to the semi-autonomous part of Tanzania between July and September this year to aid youth driven volunteer run charity Tanteleni.

The Volunteer Partnership Programme links Tenteleni with local organisations in the communities where volunteers are to work alongside national volunteers and encourage sustainability and cultural exchange.

Zanzibar has a population of 1.3million of which 99 per cent are Muslims.

Jameel told Paigaam about his role in the programme, “During my three month stay I was tasked with working alongside teachers and youth workers to provide support in key curriculum subjects as well as assist with a range of youth topic issues.

“I was assigned to two placements. A formal placement at the Vikokotoni secondary school and an informal placement at Streeters skilled English school.”

He, along with fellow volunteers, delivered interactive youth activities to support learners in confidence building, English speaking, youth issues and sports activities.

IMG_8707-1Jameel added, “As the formal placement was a school it was fortunate enough to have desks and a chalk board however resources were very limited. The library itself had a small selection of books and although there was a small IT lab staff and students alike were not familiar with operating the computers or using programs such as Microsoft word.

“The informal placement I attended was not as fortunate. Of the five classrooms each class had a chalkboard, four didn’t have chairs and desks, one class was taken outside in the alley, there was no library and when there was no power evening classes were taken in the dark or outside under street lamp and moon light.

“Despite these setbacks learners, particularly at Streeters, were enthusiastic to learn, optimistic and driven to succeed. It is for this reason I am trying.

“Many young people don’t attend secondary school as their families cant afford the fees, instead they have to work and Streeters gives them opportunities to further their education in their spare time.”

Now back in Batley Jameel has launched project Book Drive through which he intends to gather books and materials that will support learners at Streeters skilled school to develop writing and speaking skills of students.

The book drive will run until 9 January 2016 and the public can donate books and materials listed up to that date.



Books being collected: 

• Key stage 1-3 teaching and learning books (10-18 years)

• Children’s fiction and non-fiction (10-18 years)

• Dictionaries/ thesaurus

• English books with a focus on grammar and comprehension

• Encyclopaedias/ reference books

• Paperback text books in maths, English, science and geography

(appropriate level)

• Atlases

• Brain teasers, puzzles, educational games

• Stationery also welcome

Drop off points:

Al-Hikmah Centre 


For more information call jameel on 07513 239 632

Local graduate’s book drive for Zanzibar