IMWS – Indian Muslim Welfare Society


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families in the Sri Lanka terror attacks that have reported at least 200 people killed and hundreds injured. It is horrifying to hear once more of these senseless attacks on innocent men, women and children who had left their homes this morning to perform an act of worship or innocently going about their lives.

The act of terrorists regardless of what they say is always aimed at creating division and hate between communities. We must not let that happen.

We stand side-by-side with our Christian friends, as we do with all people regardless of faith, race or ethnicity, against those who commit these horrifying acts.

Our prayers remain with the victims’ families, the wounded and injured. These are our brothers, our sisters, our children; we will not see them as anything less.

Let us consider the loss and stand together regardless of faith, race and nationalities to stand firm against hate and against those who propagate hate against anyone.

Message from the IMWS Chair, Dr Imtiyaz A Patel, following the Sri Lanka terror attack
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