Your generosity at work first-hand


IMG-20140625-WA0008The treasurer of IMWS got to see first-hand, how money donated to an orphanage in India by the organisation was being put to use.

Rafik Dabhad flew out to India in a trip organised by Orphans in Need to see the importance of the charitable contributions made here by the local community, in Haryana near Delhi – where thanks to the fundraising done here £140,000 was raised in one night at the Al-Hikmah (£10,000 of which came from the IMWS charity) helped build an orphan village.

This money was part of a larger figure raised, which went towards the purchasing of land and building of an orphan’s home.

Mr Dabhad was invited as a guest to the opening ceremony of the orphan village in Haryana. Mr Dabhad told Paigaam, “It was a great honour to be invited to the opening of this orphan village. It is important that these children are not forgotten and the work done by IMWS and its members is invaluable.

“This is one of the most up to date facilities for orphan children.”

The orphan village will be fully functioning after Ramadan. It will look after around 270 orphan children.

Despite the success of the appeal thus far, the need for further work to be done was implicit as our treasurer saw first-hand the need for care for orphans. Mr Dabhad, who used to be chair of the IMWS charity committee, looked at various projects at work in India and Kashmir.

“I visited the Shri Nagar in Kashmir, where I visited six different orphan homes, which are run by the Orphans in Need charity and Jammu Kashmir Yateem Trust.

“I also saw food packages distributed to the widows in three different locations across Kashmir. This is a monthly project carried out by Orphans in Need.”

Orphans in Need have identified around 900 orphans in India alone as in need of requiring sponsorship.

Orphans in Need work across India helping orphaned children and widows, as well as helping build Masjids and schools. For more information visit