Visit to Madina Masjid in Batley


Following the overwhelming success from “Visit My Mosque” in February the Madina Masjid in Mount Pleasant, Batley opened its doors to the wider community this time during the holy month of Ramadhaan.

Yunus Lunat, vice chair of MPIT, said “This is a natural progression that was broached by the Committee at the Open Mosque event which was received favourably. We would hope that events such as this will continue to help demystify the workings and proceedings of a Mosque and demonstrate that the message of the sermon is no different from the sermons in any other place of worship.”

Paigaam asked Revd Mark Umpleby, about his experience. He very kindly shared the below with us.

Visit to Madina

Masjid in Batley

By. Revd Mark Umpleby @MarkUmpl

Ckx_ZJjWgAA8NDTIt was lovely to be invited to visit the Madina Masjid on Sunday evening (12th June). The open invitation to the wider community in Batley was to come and hear the sermon and then to see the breaking of the fast in this most Holy month of Ramadhan.

The hall was packed as you would expect during this holy month. The welcome I received was very warm and special. Many people I’d met before came and said hello, some shaking hands, and some with a hug. The visit took place on the night after the horrific news of the events in Orlando had come to light.

After observing prayers we were introduced to the visiting preacher. Moulana Ismail Menk visiting from Zimbabwe gave the sermon. It was a really interesting and thought provoking sermon. The Moulana spoke about terrible events in the world and how these should not be seen as done in the name of Islam. He talked about how Islam is a religion of peace and respect for all humanity.

The highlight of the evening then took place. We were invited to join those present in breaking their fast – Iftar – after fasting from food, drink and other activities, from before sunrise to sunset – over 18 hours. The special moment came when I sat and ate some dates and drank some water as the fast ended. Just minutes before the fast ended a real silence came to all and a sense of a holy moment taking place in the lives of those present.

It was wonderful that a few folk from my churches and myself – and others – were invited. The welcome, the sermon, listening to prayers, and joining the Iftar was a real privilege. We all in our community continue to learn more about each other and about our faiths. This followed not long after many local Muslims joined us at St Thomas’ Church, Batley for the celebration of the new United Benefice of Batley. As we continue to grow together in understanding, we can celebrate our differences and diversity as well seeing what is similar. May God guide us all to be the people God called us to be in this wonderful town of Batley.

My thanks go to the committee and all members of the Madina Masjid for the invitation and wonderful evening.