Terms & Conditions


IMPORTANT: Please read carefully and understand the Terms & Conditions before filling in the registration form. 

1. DO NOT fill in the registration form if you are: illegal; or seeking asylum in the UK; or you have arrived as a visitor (holiday visa) to the UK; or if you don’t have indefinite stay in the UK having arrived on a student visa, or employment visa. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT ACCEPT SUCH REGISTRATIONS.

2. All the details and information provided in the registration form should be honest and accurate.

3. AHNS reserves the right to refuse any entries containing falsified information, or upon discovering any criminal record.

4. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your personal details (mobile number, address etc.).

5. Please inform AHNS if you are considering a proposal elsewhere, so that your application can be placed on hold.

6. If you get married, you must notify AHNS so that we can remove you from our list of people searching for a partner.

7. If you are unavailable to be contacted for any extended period then please inform us.

8. Your consent will be sought before sharing your email address or contact number with any potential match.

9. We rely on personal integrity. We can only verify some personal details provided on the registration form, therefore, it is vital that you to make additional enquiries before taking the important step of accepting a proposal.

10. Please enclose a cheque for £50 payable to “IMWS” with your completed registration form, as well as a copy of your current UK passport and proof of address (a recent utility/mobile phone bill or bank statement will suffice as proof of address).

Tips for successful matching: We recommend that to you remain flexible and by broadening your preferences, you increase your chances of a successful match. Compromise whenever feasible, bearing in mind that you will not always find a perfect match. As a Muslim, one of the important requirements in a potential match is that your partner is steadfast in the deen.

The above Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time. Please retain this information page and keep it in a safe place for future references. You will be given a unique Reference Number, please record this below and quote it whenever you contact us. 

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