Tackling Terrorism Grooming


damascus-syria-explosion-nationalturk-0455The Management Committee of the Indian Muslim Welfare Society (IMWS) has been working with its local area Masjid representatives to develop a plan to tackle the dangers of young local people falling prey to grooming by terrorists.

Over the last couple of months IMWS has convened a number of meetings with Masjid Chairs and representatives and Madressa Heads to discuss and formulate a local plan for raising more awareness of young people on this subject.

The plan includes presentations for children in each of the seven Madressas affiliated to IMWS. The presentation has been specifically devised by a leading local Imaam. The presentation points out the dangers of young people falling prey to ISIS propaganda and lies and provides the true Islamic perspective which exposes the ISIS misrepresentation of true Islam.

One local Imam and teacher at one of the Madressa told Paigaam that “the presentation provides very good information for young people and I hope all young people will make an effort to attend the programme at their Madressa.”

Another part of the plan is to provide training through Inset days for Madressa teachers on prevention and how teachers can play a positive role in supporting young people to steer clear of such dangers.

To further promote this agenda on a wider community level IMWS has organised a public conference aimed at young people, college and university students, and parents, including men and women.

Mohammed Mulla, Chair of IMWS, told Paigaam: “IMWS has been working very hard with our local area committees to ensure that we do all we can to protect our children and young people from the evil of ISIS propaganda and attempts to deceive young people into joining them. We are currently working on a number of programmes to expand activities and events to continue to promote our work and support our young people in a positive manner.”