Radio Programme Archive


April 2015

3/4 Election Special: Mike Wood (Batley and Spen MP from 1997 – 2015)

10/4 Election Special: John Lawson (Liberal Democrat Candidate for Batley and Spen)

17/4 Election Special: Councillor Shabir Pandor (Batley West Councillor and Cabinet Member)

19/4 Election Special: Batley and Spen Hustings

24/4 Election Special: Ian Bullock (Green Candidate for Batley and Spen)

7/4 Tuesday: Islam Programme

14/4 Tuesday: Islam Programme

21/4 Tuesday: Islam Programme

March 2015

13/3 Election Special: Listeners Views 

20/3 Election Special: Friends of Al-Aqsa

27/3 Election Special: Adrian Cruden (Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Dewsbury)

3/3 Tuesday: Islam Programme

5/3 Thursday: Current Affairs

10/3 Tuesday: Islam Programme

11/3 Wednesday: Mohameds Hour

18/3 Wednesday: Gujarati Programme

19/3 Thursday: Current Affairs

24/3 Tuesday: Islam Programme 


February 2015

Qari Ziyaad LIVE in the Studio

Election Special: Imtiaz Ameen (Conservative PPC for Batley & Spen)

Election Special: Paula Sherriff (Labour PPC for Dewsbury)

Election Special:Jo Cox (Labour PPC for Batley& Spen)

Election Special: Simon Reevell MP (Conservative defending Dewsbury seat)

Election Special: Ednan Hussain (Liberal Democrat PPC for Dewsbury)

3/2 Tuesday: Islam Programme

4/2 Wednesday: Phool Daani

5/2 Thursday: Current Affairs

10/2 Tuesday: Islam Programme

11/2 Wednesday: Phool Daani

11/2 Wednesday: Education Matters

12/2 Thursday: Current Affairs

18/2 Wednesday: Education Matters

19/2 Thursday: Current Affairs

24/2 Tuesday: Islam Programme

26/2 Thursday: Current Affairs




January 2015

Mushaira Event

Al-Hikmah Nikah Service Launch

1/1 Thursday: Current Affairs

6/1 Tuesday: Islam Programme

7/1 Wednesday: Phool Daani

8/1 Thursday: Current Affairs

13/1 Tuesday: Islam Programme

14/1 Wednesday: Phool Daani

14/1 Wednesday: Mohamed’s Hour

20/1 Tuesday: Islam Programme

21/1 Wednesday: Phool Daani

21/1 Wednesday: Education Matters

21/1 Wednesday: Mohamed’s Hour

22/1 Thursday: Current Affairs

27/1 Tuesday: Islam Programme

28/1 Wednesday: Phool Daani

28/1 Wednesday: The Legal Slot

29/1 Thursday: Current Affairs


December 2014:

2/12 Tuesday: Islamic Programme

3/12 Wednesday: Phool Dhani

3/12 Wednesday: Legal Slot

4/12 Thursday: Current Affairs

9/12 Tuesday: Islam Programme

10/12 Wednesday: Education Matters 

10/12 Wednesday: Phool Daani 

10/12 Wednesday: Mohamed’s Hour

11/12 Thursday: Current Affairs Fostering and Adoption Special

16/12 Tuesday: Islamic Programme

17/12 Wednesday: Ahmad Gul Interview in Gujarati

17/12 Wednesday: Legal Slot

18/12 Thursday: Current Affairs

23/12 Tuesday: Islam Programme

24/12 Wednesday: Phool Daani

24/12 Wednesday:Mohamed’s Hour

30/12 Tuesday: Islam Programme

31/12 Wednesday: Phool Daani


Gujarati Mushaira Special 8/10/14

Palestine Special 13/11/14