Radio IMWS interviews IndiAbility


Jeanette Dent from Upper Batley High School and Don Allen came onto Radio IMWS to talk about IndiAbility 2018, a local project giving young people the opportunity to work in special needs schools in Navsari, India.

The original school was set up in 1970, to cater for hearing impaired children. Since then it has expanded with a further two campuses, one for blind children and another for those with mental and physical disabilities.

In order to go to these schools, however, the group of volunteers have to fundraise a massive £10,000, says Jeanette, through hosting cake stalls, bag packs, and other sponsored events held throughout the year. “We don’t expect the parents to pay”, rather the students are expected to raise it themselves, she added.

During their two weeks at the school, students lead and delivered sports activities, arts and crafts, and teach English. But it is not a one way process. Students who learn basic sign language before they go, often come back having considerably enhanced their sign language skills.

The experience “made our students step up to the mark”, they came back as “young men” said Jeanette and Don.

“I found that the work our students were doing with the schools quite inspiring really. Our young people are inspiring if they’re given the opportunities”, said Jeanette.

You can find the full interview on the Radio IMWS YouTube page.