Madni Girls School achieve a GOLD standard of the Beacon Award


mmghsMadni Muslim Girls School in Dewsbury became one of only 4 schools across the UK to receive the ‘GOLD’ Beacon Award by MADE. The awarded is in recognition of work the school has done to implement a global dimension within their curriculum.

The award highlights a number of initiatives MMGS have been involved in, including running successful campaigns, promoting healthy living and creating a more sustainable environment within their school.

MADE (Muslim action for development and environment) is a campaigning and development education organisation that works to empower young people to be at the forefront of the fight against injustice.

The Beacon award recognises exceptional schools that are committed to teaching key concepts like climate change, poverty and social justice, and inspiring their students to become global citizens.

The students from MMGS participated in a range of activities throughout the year and worked tirelessly to raise awareness of key global development issues and create changes within their schools and communities.

Noreen Niazi, Development Education Manager at MADE said “Madni Muslim Girls School is a brilliant example of a school that is leading the way in educating young people on global issues and creating change on a local level.”