IMWS Chair responding to the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park


Responding to the Finsbury Park Masjid (mosque) terror attack the Chair of Indian Muslim Welfare Society (IMWS), Saied Laher, said: 

“Once again we were horrified to hear of another terror attack in the capital which has already claimed one life and left another ten in hospital receiving treatment.

“Our thoughts are with the victims and their families and offer our sincere condolences to those that have been affected by this atrocious act of terrorism.

“We pray that this attack on innocent people in the holy month of Ramadhaan does not cause further division and separation,  but instead unite the good and law abiding people across the nation to stand together  against the vile hate that lead to this senseless act of terror and murder.

“Acts of terrorism have no colour, race or faith. They are the actions of warped minds filled with hate through biased and misrepresentations of an individual community.

“Muslims across the UK will at this time feel vulnerable and IMWS is locally working with the police and our local MP, Tracy Brabin, for the safety of our communities.

“We cannot let these cowardly actions of a terrorist separate our communities. We must stand together, uniting all faiths and communities and send a strong and powerful message that the terrorists and  hate preachers, responsible for all senseless murder, will not divide us.

“We will not let hate turn us to hate, but counter it with a strong unity reminiscent of the coming together of communities over this past weekend.”