How it works AHNS


AHNS Procedures

1. Download a registration form from the IMWS website, or collect a printed copy from the IMWS office at 28 Track Road, Batley. WF17 7AA

2. Please enclose a cheque for £50 payable to “IMWS” with your completed registration form, as well as a copy of your current UK passport and proof of address (a recent utility/mobile phone bill or bank statement will suffice as proof of address) to:

 Al-Hikmah Nikah Service, 28 Track Road, Batley WF17 7AA

3. Upon receiving your registration form a receipt will be sent out to you as a confirmation that your registration has been received and a unique reference number will be provided. Quote this reference number as well as your full name in any correspondence to AHNS.

4. Our designated person will then begin to search the AHNS database for a suitable match using the information provided on the registration form.

5. We will contact you upon finding a suitable match. The potential match will be briefly discussed with both parties before any action is taken.

6. If both parties agree to take the matter further then your contact numbers will be exchanged.

7. Please maintain the codes of conduct when communicating with the potential match or AHNS. Refer to the “Codes of Conduct” below.

8. It is highly recommended that both parties arrange a formal meeting either in the presence of the parents/legal guardians of both parties, or in the presence of the designated person from AHNS.

9. After your initial communication and/or meeting with the interested potential partner, the decision is yours, either to proceed or decline.

10. Please always keep us informed of any progress. We will also keep in contact with you for updates

11. In the case where either or both parties decide not to proceed, please notify the other party and AHNS.


Codes of Conduct

Al-Hikmah Nikah Service (AHNS) endeavors to provide a quality service for all our clients. We wish for all our clients to have a positive experience through this service. In order to ensure a high quality service we expect good character, appropriate behavior and suitable language at all times. Below are some simplified, yet important guidelines.

1. Honesty and Trustworthiness

Truthfulness is an essential part of meaningful communication. You must be honest and very clear about your circumstances and profile when completing the registration form, and when contacting the prospective match. If you are not sure of anything then say so.

2. Politeness and Calmness

Always be polite and respectful. Maintaining calmness when communicating.

3. Avoid the usage of offensive language

Avoid foul, obscene and any other form of offensive language. Complaints of this nature will result in termination of registration. If you experience any form of abuse or offence from any applicant then please do inform us.

4. Being considerate and respectful

Always consider others feelings and opinions. Discuss matters that are most important to you and the other person to estimate your compatibility. Remember that you are unlikely to agree upon every matter. Respect other opinions and viewpoints.

 5. Responding to the person who contacted you

Respond to the person that contacted you through the Service in a timely manner. After discussions, if you are not interested in the person then do make it clear to them in a polite, sensitive and respectful manner.

6. Inappropriate profile and false statements

If you give any false statements in your personal profile then this will result in the termination of your registration. Also, be open and honest when communicating with a prospective partner.