Helping families living in deprived areas to have a better quality of life


IMG_4410IMWS have began collecting donations to fund projects in south Gujarat which will help not only to rebuild un-stable houses in deprived areas, but also help families stuck in long-term poverty to rise above their predicament and able to earn their own income.

The south Gujarat region is an area well known by the local community, many of whom originate or share a heritage with the region. The general poverty amongst Muslims in the more remote regions and slums is a fact witnessed by visitors from the UK every year.

Continuous oppressive legislation by regional authorities and the government has kept these communities in poverty with families living hand to mouth and often being exploited with little choice or options of help open to them.

The IMWS South Gujarat Project aims to help move these vulnerable families out of poverty and give them a chance to build an income generator giving them a chance to stand on their own two feet.

Key areas for the project include building low cost housing in deprived areas and renovate or rebuild houses in desperately poor conditions including introducing a toilet facility, kitchen and separating bedrooms.

Local Development is another area where existing community areas like muktubs suffering from structural deterioration will be repaired or rebuilt to continue providing its service to the community.

The project also aims to develop small businesses to create opportunities and assist individuals in starting up their own income stream and move families away from being reliant on charitable donations.

This is a long-term project for which the IMWS is collecting Zakat, Sadaqah and lillah donations. Those living in poor conditions and requiring assistance will be identified and will receive the correct help and assistance.

The projects will be overseen by IMWS members who will be present during the projects initiation and development, including hiring the relevant tradesman to conduct work and helping to set up small businesses.

FullSizeRender-4A key lead person on the project is Salimbhai Loonat who has already delivered some help in the region. Salimbhai has built 2 new houses and repaired existing houses including new floors, roofs as well as introducing a bathroom, toilet and kitchen facility.  He has also paid off interest incurring loans and helped rickshaw owners with repairs to enable them to earn their livelihoods.

Salimbhai will be a lead person on the project and with his experience will be able to not only oversee but also hire and negotiate with tradesmen to ensure the correct work is being done.

As the projects will be in south Gujarat many of the Societies members will be able to see the project taking effect and monitor its progress. IMWS are welcoming members to assist in the project including viewing the donations at work in south Gujarat.

Individuals who wish to take on individual projects, such as the building of a home, can do so with the donor being given regular updates on the projects progress.  The cost of rebuilding a small house is expected to be around £5000.

Donations of Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah for the project can be made at the Al-Hikmah Centre, at any of the IMWS affiliated masjids or online here

If a donation is made online please clarify category and that the donation is for the South Gujarat Project Appeal.