Girls team building success at Al-Hikmah


DhE-cTvWkAMUk9--1Last month 19 girls gave up their weekend to complete the ILM level 2 Award in Effective Team Building Skills. The two-day course was held at the Al-Hikmah Centre, especially targeted at girls aged 14-19 from the local community. Proficient partnership working between IMWS, IMWS Women’s Committee, Kumon Y’All, Shared Outcomes and CVQO ensured that the course was recruited, organised and delivered effectively.

The participants were split into two teams throughout the weekend and worked together, making use of the great indoor and outdoor space at the Centre. There were both practical and written tasks to be completed. The written tasks and verbal communication explored the importance of working as a team, the characteristics of good team members and leaders. The girls discussed how teamwork could be related to other areas of life including social skills, self-confidence, bullying and the importance of good communication skills. They also looked at barriers to communication; behaviours that cause conflict and how to manage this best.

DhE-cTwWsAAZBGyIn one of the practical challenges on the first day, the teams were required to make a box with equipment provided, any equipment not used had to be placed in the box and the team had to pass the box to each other without it falling apart! After this activity, the team members were able to identify each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. This clearly helped them to work better together for the next challenges and progress further. It encouraged them to evaluate the outcome and identify where to make changes in the given tasks.

Throughout the two days, the programme set aside activities that helped develop high levels of respect, tolerance, empathy, and compassion. The final challenge required each team to build a car that could move and carry weight. This was a fun task where girls applied the skills and knowledge they had learnt over the two days. Both teams successfully completed the task!

DhE-cTvW0AI75R3Leadership and team building courses like these help develop necessary characteristics to carry through to adulthood; it also helps develop life skills like problem-solving, listening, management and creative thinking. All the girls who completed the course will also receive an accredited qualification, which is a great addition to their CVs.


Some feedback:

“The girls were exceptionally well behaved and respectful throughout. Well done to all who took part.” IMWS Women’s Committee mentor.

“All activities were amazing and eye-opening. They helped us experience how working with others can be a challenge but also an advantage due to mixed skills.” Learner

“Initially I was nervous about attending the course. However, by the end of the session, I was elated and glad, I didn’t back out! I really enjoyed the days; we learnt team building, leadership and independence skill. My favourite activity was building the mechanical miniature car. I’m grateful to Kumon Y’All, IMWS Women’s Committee and the course tutors from CVQO for this great opportunity- thank you.” Learner

“I am glad it was an enjoyable experience for all participants – even better that they will receive an accredited qualification for it! 19 young women attended which is our highest turnout yet. Thank you very much for all the hard work of the partner organisations and ensuring this turnout!” Shared Outcomes