ESOL class takes learning to Bagshaw Museum


untitled3Learners attending the ESOL class at the Al-Hikmah Centre took a trip to a local museum as part of their tuition. The class have been looking at ‘our community’ and in particular important buildings such as town halls, libraries and museums.

Bagshaw Museum, Batley, became the venue and learners discussed the importance of having these buildings, including future government funding cuts which might affect them. Some of the learners had never been to the museum before and wanted to explore the different cultural and local history exhibitions on display. They also enjoyed the surrounding gardens.

Learners planned the trip by working in groups and discussing the areas of the visit. Reading and understanding skills came under test through dealing with such things as the schedule, and activities helped to developed all the sub skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The activity also had a role play on how to book a taxi helping pupils to learn the practicalities of travelling to a local destination.

Following the visit the learners took their experience back into the classroom and found they were pleasantly surprised by the artefacts and local history they saw which created creative conversations. It also built confidence and opened the class to a new experience they would otherwise not consider.

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