Brain storming open day brews innovative project ideas


DSCN1749IMWS organised a planning meeting which was attended by many professionals and general members of the Society who gave up their Sunday afternoon to brain storm ideas for innovative projects and services that can be delivered from the Al-Hikmah Centre. The purpose of the meeting was to plan out a forward strategy that can be implemented with fewer resources and to invite the volunteers to deliver the activities and projects.

After the usual introduction the chair of IMWS, Mohamed Mulla, explained the purpose of the meeting and define the brief for the session. The participants were then split in four groups of ten in which they discussed different issues facing our community and possible solutions to those issues which could be marked under different projects.

It was very inspiring to see all the participants discussing the issues. It showed that there are individual members who are passionate about the community and want the best for the community. The Society would like to thank all those who gave up their valuable free time. Many novel ideas came out from the meeting and the next stage is set for converting those ideas in to meaningful projects which can be delivered either by IMWS or through some other partners. This will be completed on 31st May.