A special programme all about Ramadhaan


ramadhaan-programme-2019As we approach the holy month the IMWS has organised a special programme to cover spiritual and health advice.

Talks by:

Mufti Yusuf Sacha Sb

Moulana Marghoub Sb

Mufti Zakaria Akudi Sb

Dr Misbah Mohammad

The event will cover essential topics including Salaah, Fasting, Zakaat, Sadaqah and Health issues, and include an open floor Q&A session.

Open to brothers and sisters with separate seating available.

Date: Saturday 27th April

Venue: Al-Hikmah Centre

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Asar salaah will be performed at the centre at 6:15pm and Magreb salaah performed after the event.