41+ Females


Ref 0156

Age: 42

Heritage: Indian

Location: Yorkshire

Marital Status: Single

Career: Educated to high school level but possess a high level of intelligence

About Me: Modern with religious values, eloquent, faithful, easy going, humorous and humble. Enjoys shopping, cooking and keen on fashion.

Ref 1205

Age: 41

Heritage: Pakistani (Speaks Hinko, Pushto & English)

Location: Wales

Marital Status: Previously married, has one daughter (18yrs old)

Career: NVQ in teaching and learning support in school.

Working as a NTA in school.

About Me: Easy going, warm, generous and a caring person. Deen is the most important factor in life. Keen interest on health & fitness and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enjoys reading Islamic and non Islamic books.

Ref 0170

Age: 42

Heritage: Indian

Location: Yorkshire

Marital Status: Previously married has one daughter and father has contact.


About Me: Enjoys cooking and reading books. Described as honest, truthful, and a good friend and an independent person.