Gaza School Bags Project – OCT 2014

IMWS Charity Fund – CHILDREN’S School Bags Project in Gaza – we’re not forgetting the children of Gaza, see attached photos and share with family and friends – please continue donating to IMWS  

What is whooping cough?

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a respiratory infection caused by bacteria. Whooping cough usually begins with mild, cold-like symptoms which develop over 1-2 weeks into coughing fits which can be severe. The cough ...



Alert, iPhone users most likely to be victims of thefts says Home Office report

Crime on the whole may be down 62 per cent from its peak in 1995, but the number of mobile phone thefts remains a concern in England and Wales. According to the Crime Survey 742,000 mobile phones were stolen in 2012/13, with ne...
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Suspected suicide in Mount Pleasant

An east European man has been found in the park adjacent to Track Road, Batley in a suspected suicide. An official Kirklees Council source told Paigaam the man was around 20 years-old and thought to be of east European descent....


The cannabis cloud

Hold a conversation with a local and the issue of illegal drugs is not too far away from their conversational toolbox. But drugs are more than just material for chit chat; there is a real concern amongst people – of illeg...


Living with a problem thyroid

A condition few people are aware of probably due to the fact that only one in 4000 babies are born with the condition. It is a condition whereby the child either doesn’t have a thyroid gland or has one that isn’t functioning pr...


Your donations distributed

Donations made during Ramadhan by local people have been distributed to meet short term and long term needs. Around £120,000 was raised during the devastating assault by Israel on Gaza which saw the destruction of homes, Masjid...


Confined to genocide – The Forgotten Rohingya

They are stateless, persecuted and not even allowed to call themselves by their ethnicity. And whilst the ignorance of the world refuses to discuss the Rohingyas, they are confined to modern day concentration camps left to rot ...


Enough prejudice for a lifetime

It’s hard to be a Muslim in the west these days. These of course are words most of us have either uttered or heard, but for a Muslim of south Asian heritage in his mid-forties born in the UK, I can’t remember a time when it was...

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