Out NOW!! January issue of Paigaam & An-Nisa

In this month’s Paigaam and An-Nisa: The IMWS set to launch a new marriage introductory service, seven local madressa take part in a nail-biting quiz which brought out the Madressa Masterminds. Read about the conference on the ...

Poor information on medications are making health choices difficult

Public concerns have come to the forefront regarding the composition of certain medications containing animal ingredients, in particular porcine and geletine. The recently offered flu vaccination spray for children clearly stat...


Clerics hear of the de-humanisation of young people

IMWS and Kirklees Faiths Forum hosted a Clerics Supper during National Interfaith Week at the Al-Hikmah Centre. The event, which takes place throughout the year, gives an opportunity for clerics of different faiths to come toge...


Award recognises local helping hands

Members of the local community were recognised for their voluntary contribution in this years Good Neighbour award organised by Kirklees Faiths Forum. Winners included IMWS volunteer Faridabai Patel from Dewsbury who has been a...


An Indian walk across the battlefield

It was an enthralling evening in the crowded quarter of Bayt-ul-Hikmah’s Al-Rumi conference suite. The afternoon session with primarily school children in key stage 3 and 4 had climaxed and it was now time for the evening sessi...


OUTSTANDING: Darul Uloom achieve highest Ofsted grade

Darul Uloom Al Arabiya Al Islamiyah, Bury, has received ‘outstanding’ in every area of the school in its latest inspection by Ofsted. Inspectors found the quality of teaching, achievement of pupils, sixth form provision, leader...


Muslim schools unfairly targeted by Ofsted

Muslim schools are feeling unfairly targeted with media coverage claiming extremist and radical Islamic teachings taking place at schools though no real evidence has been uncovered. Schools who had previously received outstandi...

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